Preparing the banking industry for Basel IV

Start preparing for Basel IV

Major changes require major preparation

Basel IV impact in several areas

The new Basel III regulation impacts several areas of a bank, with credit risk being the area that will most of the changes will apply to. 

Get an overview of the impact Basel IV will have on your bank and check what aspect you need to take into account when making an analysis study.

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Time to challenge your IT architecture status quo

The solutions and processes implemented in banks up to today will not hold up in the future.  With all the changes Basel IV brings to banking institutions, now is the perfect time to modernize your software and systems. Basel IV brings challenges in:

With Basel IV, the call to modernize reporting software has never been so clear. Increasing integration needs, higher complexity, more granular and disciplined overarching reporting challenge banks to expand their analytical competenties. The right reporting software can play a key role in ensuring better understanding and use of data that is delivered toward the regulator.

Banks require tools that allow reliable Basel IV test calculations that can be carried out quickly. Regulatory reporting processes need to be effective, reliable, consistent and allow to meet regulatory requirements in a timely manner.

Data management and data governance since BCBS239 haven been in the spotlight, including in regulatory reporting. Basel IV continuous the trend with higher requirements in terms of availability, evaluability, quality and flexibility.

Watch our Basel IV video series

Short and to the point videos with the most important Basel topics

Having trouble keeping an overview of all the changes that come with the new regulation? To help you navigate all the changes within the new Basel IV regulation, take a look at our  video series where each video is short and highlights a specific theme that will significantly change with the new Basel IV compliancy requirements.

Data collection as competitive advantage


Since BCBS 239 data requirements in terms of availability, evaluability, quality and flexibilty have increased significantly.

Going for an upgraded collaboration framework

Live in September 2021

Basel IV calls for a holistic approach in which all major stakeholders use technology to upgrade cross border collaboration within the institution.

brx regulatory reporting

Performance is key for an efficient compliance process

Live in September 2021

With the new regulation, Basel transforms from a monthly compliance process into a risk management process in which performance is key!

brx regulatory reporting

Assess your current solution & architecture

Assessing your current vendor and analyzing the market for the appropriate solutions and tooling can be timeconsuming. b.fine assists your team by analyzing your as-is situation, your needs and the needs of the regulators to provide you with an objective report. Our extensive and fully independent research analyzes all the Basel IV solutions on the market. The results of that independent assessment will help you decide freely on the best solution to make your banking institution Basel IV proof.  

"The implementation of the new Basel regulation will be the challenge of the decade for banks."
Jelle Dhuyvetter
Head of Risk & Treasury